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My Thoughts on Glossier

My Thoughts on Glossier

The pinkest blog post.



Glossier is everywhere at the moment. It basically invented millennial pink (not really, but it may well have), has turned a SoHo loft into a round-the-block cue destination and inspired 'shelfie's' across the Instagram globe. The marketing is crazy clever and the customer service is honestly some of the best I have come across. Launched off the back of Emily Wiess much loved  blog "Into the Gloss", you can't deny the brands huge and consistent success. They've shaken up the beauty landscape and have been very (insert buzzword here) to the industry. It has turned into a brand people either love or love to hate... Personally, I am here for it (minus the Solution insta story blip- read here if you missed it- it wasn't their finest hour) buuuut mistakes happen. 


One of the reasons the company resonated with me is due to my own personal experiences with beauty and the industry. I worked in the beauty industry when I was younger and thoroughly enjoyed it, I met lovely people, shared a mutual love of product and experienced how beauty can be truly transformative to someone, which was honestly the best part of the job.  

However the one thing that kept coming up was "you can't be that into makeup - you're barely wearing any!". Now, this wasn't everyone, some complemented me on it, but working on a beauty counter you generally have to wear a lot of product, as requested by the brand. Plus, in the swirls of Kardasians and contouring, I was generally, the anomaly. I am not by any means putting these people down, I admire it, its an artistry, It's just not me. So to see a brand go against this grain, I am here for it. 


Products and packaging aside, I really like how Glossier has revealed those who enjoy the 'skin first, makeup second' mantra that Glossier champion and I'm really looking forward to see where the company goes. 

 I would love to hear what you think about the brand, Is Glossier gimmicky or great?


My Favourites - 

Boy brow: It had a ridiculous wait list for a reason. 

Stretch Concealer: The only concealer that doesn't cling to my dry patches and provides a radiant finish, I think I will endlessly repurchase this. (Don't expect miracles with coverage though)

Glossier You: My current daily fragrance. 

Milky Jelly Cleanser: A really nice, simple, non aggravating cleanser. It doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or dried out.

There's still plenty I haven't tried! Any recommendations?!


P x


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