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Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices

A Review

A little while ago I was watching a conference chat on Youtube (riveting, I know) BUT this one actually was, It was Emily Wiess and Tyler Haney. At the time I didn't know who Tyler was (apart from naturally stunning) but a swift google later and OV came up. A super stylish active wear brand focusing on simple, but flattering active gear. The company's 'ethos' is about getting out and about, so Hiking, Yoga ect.

As I am personally not the biggest 'gym' person I quite liked this stance on exercise and work out kit. 



The active gear well and truly lives up to the hype I've seen online, super flattering fabrics and very comfortable to wear. They actually stay up(!) whilst working out, wick away the sweat and look pretty great as well. Even my mum is in love with hers and she is very a tough customer to please. 

IMG_1435 (1).jpg

I am praying they will start shipping to the UK at some point as it's really great stuff with a reasonable price point, especially when you compare it to likes of Lululemon, Nike and Adidas.

The product range is pretty streamlined and even though it's all quite simple in design, they have some really great colours in the range so everyone is catered for.

They are bring out their swimwear line this month also, which I am hugely excited for, I can't wait to see it!


The only problem I have with the Rose leggings is that they are a little see through at the back- so nude underwear is needed! I assume this is to do with the light colour? As the navy ones are fine. 

I picked up the 3/4 Legging in Rose Quartz, the Athena Crop Top in Rose Quartz & the Knee Cap Legging. 

Apologies for the sketchy pictures, taking photo's in gym gear isn't easy...

Have you tried anything from OV?

Check out OV here

P x

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