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Get Glowing

Get Glowing

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I have used Wattsup! By Benefit for years so I was fully intrigued to see if Glossier's Haloscope (a seemingly similar stick highlighter) could knock it off its perch...

I will say after trying both of these, I almost feel bad putting them in direct comparison as even though the exterior is similar, the actual product is quite different. 


They are both obviously cream stick highlighters but Haloscope is much more subtle than Wattsup... In true Glossier style it's a very natural highlight, best applied I found, by rubbing it on your fingers then patting it onto the high points of your face.

When I first applied it, I went straight in with the stick and it didn't look great... plus it moved my makeup underneath slightly. When tried with the finger 'patting' method however, it completely changed the game. 

I think Haloscope has put Wattsup firmly into the 'going out' section of my makeup... I still love it and it is is by no means, a crazy 'glitter-ball highlight', but I've started to enjoy the subtleness of Haloscope for day to day.

I would love to know what your go-to highlighter is and have you tried either of these?!

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