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Summer Makeup

Summer Makeup

Currently On My Face...


With all the sunny weather at the moment I haven't really enjoyed the thought of a full face of makeup that will melt off leaving me resembling a patchy oil slick...

These are the products that are seeing me through the heat.


Cloud Paint - Previously stated my love for this in another post! It's just great, glow-y goodness!  Glossier have released some new colours too...

Revolution Conceal & Define - Believe the hype people. Super creamy, bendable and doesn't budge... £4 well spent. 

Glossier Haloscope - A highlight that doesn't make you look like a sweaty mess. Very subtle and good for the warmer days!


NYX Butter Gloss - Amazing colour range, affordable price and tastes like buttery icing. There isn't much to dislike here. 

Boy Brow & Lash Slick - I have spoken about these two before and I don't think either will be leaving my makeup bag any time soon! The mascara stays put until you take it off and Boy Brow will give you the brows you've dreamt of. 

Bare Minerals Concealer - Have re-discovered my love for this, it's so great in the heat. Mineral based so it absorbs oil and keeps you matte where you need it. A little pots lasts ages too.

Whats been getting you through the heat?



Wimbledon 2018

Wimbledon 2018