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Platforms for Positivity

Platforms for Positivity

The internet can get pretty fucking depressing at times, Instagram is littered with crazy hot girls (and boys) living ridiculous lives and it's often hard to see the real from the fake and the wood from the tree's. 

As much as I enjoy social platforms and the creativity they bring, we are breeding some pretty big mental health issues, especially within the younger consumer. 

What's good is that people are cottoning on to the fact that social media is a glossy highlight reel of someone's life and not real. What's bad is that it's really easy to forget this and get lost in the mess.

I would also like to state that I feel as though it is imperative (now more than ever) to take a stand against heavily manipulated and photoshopped images on the gram'. It is so terrifyingly easy to manipulate how you look when it's just not necessary. I'm not talking about filters and angles either, I can understand that everyone wants to look their best! I'm talking about FaceTune and look fine, your waist doesn't need to be thinner or your jaw sharper.

These images not only set an unrealistic precedent for young girls and boys but lead to some pretty awful mental and physical health issues. It's not just online either, glossy magazines and adverts are often the worst culprits... 

From this thinking, I decided to engage with more accounts and content that made me feel good and inspired me...

I thoroughly suggest you do the same, starting with these guys.. . 


I Weigh

After Kim K name-checked her weight and the photo of her sisters came out with their KG written on them, Jameela Jamil started this account defining people by who they actually are, and not their weight. I basically check this account daily and it instantly makes me feel better about myself. JJ is a boss too. 

The Vanity Edit

Victoria Blossom is the ray of sunshine everyone needs in their feeds. She pumps out words of wisdom that have often picked me up when I've been feeling a bit crappy and I genuinely look forward to seeing what she posts. If your looking for an account to feel good about Instagram again, go have a scroll!

Ashley Graham

I am sure you have heard of this lady by now, she's ridiculously beautiful and not a size 0. She's hilarious, body positive and hugely inspirational, if you're lacking motivation then check her Ted talk out. 

Bobbi Brown

Another lady I am sure you heard of... The story of how she started her global makeup brand is worth reading up on and she consistently inspires me. She went against the grain at the time of crazy 80's makeup and wanted makeup that looked like skin and a lipstick that looked like lips. She made a bold move both back then, but also more recently, when she stepped down from her namesake brand and ventured into the health and wellbeing market. It appears to have really worked out too, I find her story hugely positive and inspirational and she's well worth a follow!

Any recommendations?

P x

Nutella Macarons

Nutella Macarons