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Nutella Macarons

Nutella Macarons

Recipe Review…


Nutella Macarons…

Full disclosure… I didn’t actually make these, I watched intently! We pulled the recipe from the Nutella cookbook (yes, it exists!) as it combined two great loves: Nutella and Macarons!

Find the method, ingredients and review below!



  • egg whites 6

  • icing sugar 260g

  • ground almonds 240g

  • cocoa powder 30g

  • caster sugar 200g

  • Nutella® 400g



Preheat the oven to 140°C (275°F/Gas 1). Mix together the icing/confectioner’s sugar, ground almonds and cocoa powder. Sieve the mixture finely.


Beat the egg whites in a bowl; when they are frothy, add half the caster sugar and continue to beat. When they start to become stiff, add the remaining sugar and continue beating to make a thick meringue mixture. Using a spatula, fold in the sieved ingredients. Use large, gentle movements for at least 2 minutes, working the mixture from the edges of the bowl towards the centre. The mixture should form a ribbon when it falls from a spoon.



Cover a baking sheet with baking parchment and draw evenly spaced 3.5cm diameter circles on it. Pour the mixture into a piping bag fitted with a plain nozzle and pipe it onto the parchment in rounds the same diameter as the circles. Set aside for 20 minutes in a dry place until a crust forms on the surface.


Before putting the macaroons in the oven, place the baking sheet on top of another baking sheet: that way the bottom of the macaroons will not be overcooked. Bake for 15 minutes, leaving the door of the oven slightly ajar.


Leave the macaroons to cool for 5–10 minutes then remove from the baking sheet. When cold, spread half with Nutella and sandwich together with the other halves. Refrigerate for 24 hours before serving so that the macaroons soften slightly.



So, these have become a firm favourite in our household! My friend who baked them said they where easy for ‘intermediate’ bakers, but, if you where a beginner you would need to pay close attention to the recipe as it may take a fair bit of time. However, she also said that it was much easier and faster to bake second time round!

She also said to pipe the Nutella in the middle before sandwiching the macaron together as it was far easier than with a knife or spoon.

P x

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