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Fast Fashion & Why We Should Slow Down

Fast Fashion & Why We Should Slow Down

I generally stray from writing on ‘harder’ topics.

Firstly, I don’t feel as though it’s my place

Secondly, I’m not the best writer, lets be honest.

However, I think the more people talk about certain topics and raise awareness, no matter how big or small. It can (hopefully) only be a good thing.

One topic that’s getting a lot of air time recently is the effect that ‘fast fashion’ is happening on the environment. Fast fashion is now at peak accessibility, all you have to do is open a laptop and you’re bombarded with companies who sell affordable clothing, that can find it’s way to your letterbox in less than 24hrs. An outfit for a night out/job interview/date has never been easier or cheaper.

Which all sounds great right? Who doesn’t love a quick and easy bargain? I would be lying if I hadn’t taken to ASOS the night before a party to buy a dress, only to wear it once, then for it to get flung to the back of my wardrobe.

However, it is exactly this throwaway fashion mentality and culture which is having a true effect on the environment.

I didn’t take to my blog to preach about sustainability, tell people what to do or buy less clothing. I am also not saying that affordable clothing is the problem…I think our attitude towards clothing has changed, where we often don’t think about longevity of a piece.

Clothes shouldn’t cost the earth, but they also shouldn’t cost the earth. The more we talk about these topics and raise awareness, hopefully the more we can make a conscious effort to change our habits.

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