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Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup

A Mini Review... 



Another brand that the internet has been coveting is Milk Makeup. If you haven't heard of it by now (which Im sure you have) it's marketed as "clean, cool beauty" and I'd say that describes it pretty well. The majority of their products come in an innovative 'pritt stick' style packaging and they pride themselves on being cruelty free, paraben free and 100% vegan which is great. I personally don't really see the need for cosmetics companies not to fit this criteria anymore, and I am definitely trying to be more conscious when buying into a company. 

Hydrating Oil - I think I may have found an immediate favourite in this product. It's light but still very hydrating and it just melts onto the skin with a faint citrus scent (I think this is from the orange peel oil, I know some have found this to be an irritant, so might be worth a check first if you haven't used it before).

It's a product I look forward to using and sits really well as a first step after cleansing. Would recommend for drier/combination skin types and it is a great introduction to the brand! The only bug bear I have with these style products is bacteria, I am unsure how bad these actually are for bacteria build up, but it's something I am mindful of.

Re-purchase: YES. Super easy to use, great for travel and made my skin feel great.

Sunshine Skin Tint -  The applicator on this one is a glass roller ball so you can give it a wash which is super handy! It has SPF 30 which is also great. On immediate first impressions I didn't really like it... I applied it with the rollerball directly on to my skin, then initially went in with a blending brush and it really wasn't sitting on my skin nicely or blending out well, I then went in with my fingers and a beauty blender which was immediately better. This product was much thicker than I was expecting (it's not super thick, but I was expecting it to be thinner) the coverage is also decent and build able too. I was really expecting this to literally be a tint of coverage!

I found the product to build up really nicely and wear well throughout the day. I paired it with the glossier stretch concealer and got a really nice fresh, glow-y finish. The slight downside is the price: $42 (roughly £29).

Re-purchase?  Unsure. I do love using this and I will finish it, its fun to use and great if your on the move. The cost just bugs me a little, I can see myself getting through it quite fast! It's not out of the ordinary for a higher end base products to cost £29, but I honestly think there's cheaper foundations/BB creams/ tinted moisturisers that will provide you with a similar outcome.   

One thing to consider with this brand, however, is that the products I tried all felt a lot kinder to the skin, especially the foundation. It felt comfortable and moisturising on the skin (I forgot I was wearing it) so if you suffer with temperamental skin this brand is definitely worth some time. These products didn't aggravate either my eczema or acne which was also a huge selling point, and I really look forward to trying some more from Milk. 

Have you tried anything from Milk Makeup? What did you think?

P x

*I have heard it is coming to the UK soon, I can't find the official launch date though!

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